"Just Tux it."

Dernière màj : 01-01-2011

NewsletTux 2 : mailing-list (newsletter) script in PHP MySQL

Introducing NewsletTux 2

NewsletTux is a script written in PHP MySQL which makes it possible to manage several newsletters lists for a website.

It has an administration interface that enables creating newsletter profiles, managing subscribers, etc.

Describing options

NewsletTux 2 client side

Client Interface
  • Subscription to 1 or more newsletters offered by the website;
  • Text or HTML format
  • Management of subscriptions (whenever he wants, a subscriber can subscribe to or unsubscribe from a newsletter) ;
  • Erasing personal data (email, name, firstname) when there is no subscription for this user ;
  • 2 interfaces avalaible : NewsletTux 1.X like or NewsletTux 2 (just an email field)
  • RSS feed for newsletters

NewsletTux 2 administration side

Configuration of the script's parameters
  • General configuration
  • Sending mails configuration
  • Displaying preferences
Subscribers service
  • Management of subscribers (profile edition)
  • Mail import via text or file
  • Mail deletion is made easy
Newsletter Service
  • Write to subscribers or Staff,
  • Joined parts avalaible
  • Mail HTML : choose font, color, BBCode
  • Mail HTML : import a template designed like your website
  • Drafts
Manage newsletters profiles
  • Profile system groups subscribers
  • RSS feed for profiles
  • Subscriptions to profile in Text or HTML
Administration tools
  • Statistics tool (subscriptions, newsletters sending)
  • PHP tool (version + hoster PHP config)
  • MySQL tool (repair tables + export in SQL file)
  • Update easily with wizard, customize with complementary modules your NewsletTux !

Describing functionnalities :

Newsletters profiles
Profils des newsletters
  • A profile groups several subscribers. These subscribers choose to which profiles they want to subscribe.
  • Example : a profile called "site updates", ua profile called "partners updates", and a profil called "news" : subscribers to "news" won't receive newsletters sent to "site updates" (unless they have subscribed to "site updates" too)
  • A profile can be given to one or several members : they are called "writers" and can write newsletters to these profiles.
Users permissions
  • Super User : all permissions. Can create profiles, import subscribers, write newsletters and configure the script.
  • Admin : Can do all except MySQL and PHP configuration (security reasons)
  • Writer : is nammed by an admin or the Super USER. He is given a permission for one or more newsletter profiles, so that he wan write on these profiles.
  • Subscriber : default status, no access to the administration interface.

Using NewsletTux guide

Installing and using NewsletTux 2
  • Installation with a wizard in 5 steps, automatically
  • The Super User creates a newsletter profile
  • He installs the form on his website... That's all !
  • The archive is provided with a help document.

Pratique et sûr !

NewsletTux 2 : easy to use, convivial
  • Write newsletter with smileys and BBCode (text formatting) for HTML format
  • Individual management of a subscriber
  • Send joined part with emails
  • Send a newsletter designed like your website tanks to the templates !
NewsletTux 2 : Securised area !
  • The admin directory (by default admin/) can be renammed whenever you want
  • PHP Sessions used in administration interface
  • Javascript advised but not compulsory to navigate
  • Only the Super User can access advanced configuration (PHP, database)
  • The Super User can't be edited nor downgraded

Minimal configuration required

Configuration serveur
Config Serveur
  • Apache : .htaccess enabled
  • PHP : 4.3.0. minimum (PHP5 not compulsory)
  • MySQL : 3.23. Minimum (MySQL5 not compulsory) - 1 database to store tables
  • 1.5 Mo free disk space on the website - and more if joined parts or templates
  • Fopen( ) on distant files for updates